The purpose of this App is to give Black people, people of color, and others who may be targeted for traffic stops, helpful information and tools to improve traffic stop experiences, safety, accountability and justice.
• Sections to learn about your  legal rights, traffic stop best practices and how to be safe

• Instantly and easily alert family when stopped

• Tips on recording your traffic stop

• Tips for Parents

• An opportunity to “test drive” your knowledge

• Ability to record and submit complaints or commendations on law enforcement

• Help identifying legal professionals in your area

• News, information and other resources

Background Information

Black people tend to experience a disproportionate number of law enforcement (“Police”) traffic stops. Some stops are for legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons, but others may appear to be “pretext” stops, motivated by unconscious or conscious bias and perceptions that a driver looks “suspicious” based on factors such as race, color, socio-economic status, the type and condition of the driver’s vehicle, and the presence and appearance of any passengers. Other stops may appear to be motivated by a desire to harass or intimidate the driver and vehicle passengers.

Drivers often feel fear, anxiety and stress during traffic stops, regardless of the reason for the stop. Anger and frustration are common emotions when drivers are subjected to apparent pretext and harassing stops, especially when they occur repeatedly. Traffic stops are stressful experiences for Police too because they face an increased risk of getting hurt during stops. Strong emotions and stress experienced by both drivers and Police can quickly escalate traffic stops into deadly encounters. This App provides helpful resources for Black people and everyone to improve traffic stop experiences.
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